MANLY-MAIDS is founded on the principle of doing a fair day's work for a fair day's wage.  I highly value the virtues of honesty and integrity.  I hold myself and my employees accountable to that standard.  Therefore you can be assured that MANLY-MAIDS will provide the service, reliability, and dependability you seek.  

My name is Nathan Hale and you have my word on it !!!

Nathan Hale, President
Watauga, Texas

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Here are a few of our Favorite Places

If you Like your food Cajun Like ME
Shuck n jive has a location in Dallas, Addison and Richardson
This is by far my favorite lunch stop when I'm on the road.

just want to relax and play some golf?
It's a good place in Plano to meet up with the team for a big thank you on a Friday.

​Looking for good Deals from local businesses?

Check out  city slicks

Local Advertising Network