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If your pool is loosing 1/4 inch of water or more per day you may have a Pool Leak

Pool Leak Detection will find leaks in the shell of the pool, in spillways or in the plumbing and conduit running to the pool. 

Pool Leak can cause structure damage,  including the pool and homes foundation,  cracks,  equipment damage,  retaining wall failure,  excessive chemical consumption and high water bills.

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Our Skilled Pool Leak Detection Techs Dive in your pool to check for leaks in the structure,  plug and pressure test all plumbing lines in your pool to find underground plumbing leaks.  We will pin point your leak using acoustical leak detection equipment for accurate repair locations.  The process takes on average 3 hours.  After we have successfully located your leak, you will be provided an estimate for your Leak Repair.  
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Why Choose Manly Maids for your
All of our technicians have been through a 2 year apprenticeship in house before ever being allowed to step foot on your property as a journeyman.  Our Leak Detection Specialists are employees of Manly Maids,  we will never send a sub-contractor to your home.  Unlike many Pool companies in Dallas and Fort worth all of our repairs are done in house,  by stable employees,  that have all been together for years.  We solve on average 2500 pool leaks per year,  and have been in business since 2008.  

Now,  there are alot of good leak detection companies in DFW,  many of whom we hold much respect for.  These are the People that give our niche market a good name.  We are a group of hard working blue collar men and women that wield a scuba tank, jack hammer, shovel and a saw.  We have each endured the extreme cold and routinely push ourselves into hypothermia in the winter to solve the puzzle of your Pool Leak quickly, to protect your expensive equipment during freezing conditions.  The Best Leak Detection companies in DFW all work year round and have the skill to put your pool back right from a pool owners worst nightmare. 

Is it true that a leak detection will cause damage to my pool?
In a word, NO. We aren't fans of scare tactic marketing ploys.  The reality is a Pool Leak Detection is a non invasive method of locating a trouble spot,  now once that Pool Leak is found,  you as a homeowner, must decide the best way to fix your pool. some leaks will require replacing pipe fittings under the pool deck that have been broken,  there is no quick and easy permanent solution for these issues,  A good Pool Leak detector will offer solutions especially for those "one of a kind" pool decks,  that can include digging to an affected area,  or using professional concrete finishers to get it back together Just Right.  we have a decorative concrete professional that really does a great job matching older stamped or stained decks.  we can even reseal the entire deck for you after we are done,  Something that is often over looked in a pool maintenance budget. 

Our Warranties are The Strongest in the Dallas Leak Detection Market.  All of our Rigid plumbing repairs offer a 2 year warranty,  that is a full year longer than the majority of our competitors.  Why?  We believe that the practice we have of relieving pipe stress sets us apart from our competitors,  we will not take a risk on a sketchy glue joint just to get home earlier just because it "holds pressure."
We know you don't want to relive a pool leak again,  and we aim that with a proper repair,  you never will.  

all of our Leak Detection warranties are good for 30 days after repair.  This just acknowledges that sometimes pools have more than one leak,  and although we will always find your leak,  there could be a small pool leak hidden somewhere in the shell that is just plain difficult,  Let us know and we will be right out,  and often at no charge for subsequent pool leak repairs.
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