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Need a Swimming pool face lift?

Yea,  we got you covered.
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new plaster tile coping deck and water features!
I WANT a tanning ledge
Manly Maids Has you covered
Jimmy hard at work
Ready for tile coping and plaster.

This job is still in progress Ill post more as it comes along next week
plaster, tile and coping job just starting to fill and here comes a little rain shower

completed 10/9/15

That is dark walnut bullnose coping
jbh series upgraded tile
and white plaster 
Doing the final acid wash and exposure on a new aquamarine diamond brite finish.  
New Diamond brite plaster and tile
These men have been plastering pools with me for 5 years now and Trinidad  has been in the plaster industry over 20 years now.   Rest assured that my plaster jobs are done right everytime,  and I'll put my checkbook on that 
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